The Congress of the Animals

With All My Qualifications

Safe When Used As Directed

Nausea 2020

Undynamic Isn’t a Word


Good Robot, Bad Robot, No Robot

The Necrophiliac

The Spambot Falls in Love


The Ambulance-Chaser’s Time Has Come

In the Labyrinth

Planet Astroturf

One-Trick Chevalier

On This Human Earth

The Amalgamated Monotheists’ and Goat-Herders’ Union- Part I

A Thousand Censored Words

Le premier tournement trans-historique du ‘Poker’


The Woman in the Rain

We Just Want What You Want…

Ursine Wave

Broadcasts from the 37th Century Australian Broadcasting Corporation News Desk

Love Song by a Eugenecist

The 2064 National Australian Year 10 Standard Communication Skills Exam

The Exhibitionist

How I Eloped With a Robot Psychoanalyst


For further reports, beat yourself endlessly

Internautica #1

One Twittish Minute

Mass Catastrophist

The Psychoanalyst Maneouvres

Internautica #2: Everybody’s in on the Joke

An Open Letter to the Committee for the Nobel Prize for Literature


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