The thing about writing a short story every ten days is that some days are… well, what I mean to say is, some of the stories are kind of shit. To spare you the trouble, and me the embarrassment, of you having to wade through the entries that I made by beating my head against a keyboard until it made a pretty blood-spatter on the screen, here is a list of the stories that I think might actually be kind of worth reading maybe:

The Congress of the Animals

The Spambot Falls in Love


Planet Astroturf

Internautica #1

In the Labyrinth

Undynamic Isn’t a Word

With All My Qualifications

The Ambulance-Chaser’s Time Has Come

The Necrophiliac

Mass Catastrophist

We Just Want What You Want…

The 2064 National Australian Year 10 Standard Communication Skills Exam

Ursine Wave

An Open Letter to the Committee for the Nobel Prize in Literature


2 Responses to “Note to new readers aka Table of (Better) Contents”

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